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Book Art Workshops

I can be booked to come and give any of  the following workshops,  which can be adapted to any age group - from  children (who have learnt how to use scissors) to adults.  I have a CRB check at the enhanced level of disclosure.

Organisations commissioning my workshops have included Haddenham Gallery,  Artworks MK,  White House Arts Cambridge, Cambridge Regional College, Cambridge Drawing Society,  Linton Village College,  the Perse Preparatory School Cambridge, St John's College School Cambridge, Nottingham Girls High School,  Marlborough School (St Albans),  St Matthew's Junior School (Luton), Anglesey Abbey (National Trust).

1."Pop-up" paper techniques
This workshop explores the qualities of paper and how it can be manipulated.  "Pop-up"  paper techniques, using scissors or scalpel are taught, and can lead to pop up books, cards, boxes or sculpture, with or without further decoration.

2.  Making simple books (without a press)
This workshop examines books and paper and explores a variety of ways in which books, conventional or otherwise, can be made and bound, and decorated.

3.  Alternative Books
This workshop examines the concept of a book - what it is that makes a book a book - and shows how books can be made from a variety of found objects, can take on a variety of  unusual forms, and can lead to sculpture.   

4.  Altered Books
This workshop explores various ways of working on an existing book to turn it into a work of art, including painting, cutting and folding, and model making.   

To discuss a workshop, or if you wish to buy or commission any work, please contact me at


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