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Lizanne van Essen

The Grove, Meldreth, Cambs. SG8 6NN
Tel: 01763 261362

My work is intended to be "images to delight the eye and provoke thought, reflecting the positive in life", and includes a variety of media including collage, paint, textiles, printmaking and bookart.  The images are sometimes representational sometimes abstracted, and emphasize line, form and colour.  They are inspired by a wide range of sources.

The sculptural books evolved from a delight in pure form, with the play of light creating shadows and volume.  I was excited by the combination of delicated detail and strength, and of simplicity and complexity - also by the surprise element created when the flat book covers opened to reveal words and colour, fracturing them with cuts, but at other times I like to emphasise the geometry and symmetry of monochrome abstract sculpture.

If you would like to buy or commission any work  or workshops  please contact me at  the address below:

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